Saturday 1:1 Tutoring Sessions with Miss B

Saturday 1:1 Tutoring Sessions with Miss B

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We offer one on one tutoring based on your child's learning needs. 

Please note: Your initial booking will cover the 10 week block. 

What your child's session will include:

⭐️ 60 minute tutoring session.
⭐️ Exclusive 1:1 lesson with an opportunity to learn at their own pace.
⭐️ Detailed outline of learning goals.
⭐️ Achievement tests to see where your child is at and how we can further support them.
⭐️ Sessions planned specific to your child's learning needs and pace.

Ensure your child's success with our tutoring services, offered to students from kinder/preschool through to grade 6. Each session runs for 60 minutes. Our tutoring sessions are hands-on, engaging, and student centered. Content and planning is based on the child's learning needs. Miss B works based on the child's pace through a range of teaching methods.


Check the calendar for available sessions when booking - We will contact you to lock in your 10 sessions after the commencement date. 

If there is no available time slot - please join the waitlist! 


Miss B will work with your child 3 Saturdays per month and is unavailable during the school holidays. 

Waiting list:
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Williamstown, Victoria 



This package of sessions purchased upfront are not refundable. Sessions can be put on hold for a later date. 

Please refer to our refund policy page - Refund Policy & Procedure 


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