Meet Ms Fifi!


Ms Fifi is passionate about making a difference to students' lives. She has 8 years of primary school teaching experience. Having had years of teaching experience in classrooms, she has explored and implemented a range of evidence-based high impact teaching strategies which have been deemed successful. Some of these examples include writing and reading programs such as ‘Our Big Write’ and ‘VCOP’ writing program, guided reading and maths centres. Ms Fifi is also familiar with the THRASS approach. 

Ensure your child's success with our tutoring services, offered to students from from Grade 3 through to Grade 6. High school students can be considered based on their ability. Each session runs for 60 minutes. Our tutoring sessions are hands-on, engaging, and student centered. Content and planning is based on the child's learning needs. We approach planning and lessons by involving families and any concerns your child's school may have raised. Ms Fifi works based on the child's pace through a range of teaching methods.