Meet Ms Gulcan


Ms Gulcan has spent over 16 years working in Education as an ESL, specialist and Primary School Teacher. Having taught in both the Public and Private sector, her special interest lies in working with students who face learning challenges such as dyslexia, ADHD and ASD.

Considering her years of experience instructing the young, her commitment to teaching and learning continues to grow. She is continuously looking to improve her knowledge and skills, to provide effective learning opportunities and improve outcomes for her students.

She has experience with a number of different literacy programs and is motivated to use the best programs with proven methods to help students achieve their goals. Her recent search for best practice has led her to the ‘THRASS Literacy program’ and thus, has joined ‘Learn with Miss B,’ and is thrilled to be part of the amazing team!

Her teaching ethics relies heavily on her favourite saying… ‘teach a child to memorise 10 words, they will only know how to read 10 words. But teach a child to read, write and say1 0 sounds and they will learn thousands of words!’

Ms Gulcan is dedicated and focused on continuing to provide innovative, fun, and inspiring lessons for all her students.