Meet Ms Nurel


Miss Nurel is in her final year of her Master of Teaching course. She is excited for the opportunity to have a positive impact on your child’s learning journey.

Nurel is equipped with knowledge and skills to fulfil her passion of learning and teaching. She is also trained with the THRASS approach. 

She believes that helping people is not work and not an exchange of goods, but the right thing to do. Thus, by creating a positive learning environment - students will be present in the moment to build meaningful experiences.

Through thoughtful and meaningful experiences, Miss Nurel believes that students will generate positive memories that will assist in their learning journey. 

Our tutoring sessions are hands-on, engaging, and student centered. Content and planning is based on the child's learning needs. We approach planning and lessons by involving families and any concerns your child's school may have raised. Miss Nurel works based on the child's pace through a range of teaching methods.