School Readiness Sessions 2022
School Readiness Sessions 2022
School Readiness Sessions 2022
School Readiness Sessions 2022
School Readiness Sessions 2022
School Readiness Sessions 2022

School Readiness Sessions 2022

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Learn with Miss B School Readiness Sessions 

Preparing children for school requires educators to spend quality time with children and follow their interests, using them as the basis for all extended learning activities and environments to further children's knowledge and life-skills. 

Our school readiness lessons cover literacy and numeracy concepts inspired and tailored to your child’s interests. Lesson planning will be adjusted week by week depending on the group of students, to ensure children are engaged and motivated to build on their knowledge and skills. 

Sessions will provide students with an opportunity to build on their social skills in small groups of 6-8 children. Children will also have the opportunity to question, clarify, discuss and extend their knowledge at a deeper level than is possible in a whole class environment. 

The school readiness learning environment allows children to explore, inquire and feel confident. Miss B's approach is inspired by Reggio Emilia which strongly believes that the environment is the third teacher. This encourages children to explore their interests, collaborate with other children openly, and learn from their experiences. The learning space is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. 

Please note: Your initial booking will cover the 10 week block. Enrolment fees to increase January 2022. 

 Miss Bianca will be running the sessions- click here to learn more about the teacher

Miss Amy will run Tuesday sessions. 



This package of sessions purchased upfront are not refundable. Sessions can be put on hold for a later date. 

Please refer to our refund policy page - Refund Policy & Procedure 

Location: Williamstown, Victoria 






1 hour 

What is covered: 

💥  Introduction to THRASS (44 phonemes in the English language).
💥 Smart Foundation (Smart Spelling program).
💥 Letter formation.
💥 Focus on strengthening fine motor skills i.e. weaving, using tongs.
💥 Letter recognition of capital and lowercase letters.
💥 Promoting reading and an exposure to a range of texts.
💥 Building vocabulary through language experiences .


💥 Recognising numbers 0-10.
💥 Matching objects to numbers. 
 Counting objects (trusting the count and one-to-one correspondence). 
 Recognising that the last number counted represents the number in the collection.
💥 Matching words or numerals to collections.
💥 Reading, writing and using the words and numerals for the numbers 0 to 10.
💥 Recognising collections without counting (subitising)
💥 Being able to name numbers in terms of their parts (part-part-whole) i.e. 7 is 5 and 2 or 6 and 1.


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