Thrive with THRASS Workshop

Thrive with THRASS Workshop

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The Thrive with THRASS Workshop will provide you with easy yet effective strategies and tools to support children through their literacy development.

Our children's learning and development is a priority to us but the reality is that they way our children are taught has significantly changed.

What has remained the same is that our children need support while learning at school but also at home.

The Thrive with THRASS Workshop will provide you with effective tools and strategies to give your child a better understanding to thrive but also to gain confidence in the work they present.

Specifically focusing on THRASS as a tool to support ongoing curriculum aligned school work!

- EFFECTIVE way to teach words without memorising
-Reading and comprehension strategies
-Effective ways to decode words and sounds
-Strategies on converting reluctant readers and writers
-Support with utilising the THRASS chart as a tool
-Tools to help you take the right approach to allow for a confident child.
-Provide you with the basic resources to give you a head start!
And much, much more!

*PLEASE NOTE - This workshop will be hands on and activity focused to ensure you gain the most on how to use THRASS in an interactive way with children.

What is THRASS and the benefits?
Importance of spelling
Introducing the 44 phonemes
Utilising phoneme fist
Key graphemes
Consonant & Vowel sounds

Sunday 7th of November 2021
10AM to 1PM 

ONLINE via ZOOM - recording will be provided 

$399 which includes a gift bag valued over $149!

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