Writers Club - A writing workshop for Grade 1s & 2s!
Writers Club - A writing workshop for Grade 1s & 2s!

Writers Club - A writing workshop for Grade 1s & 2s!

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Are you looking for a workshop to support and develop your child's writing skills?

Seeing your child's learning journey excel is an amazing feeling - using the right methods and strategies we aim to provide you with the best possible RESULTS!

At Learn with Miss B learning and development is more than academic results - we focus on a holistic approach ensuring that all areas are targeted to meet your child's learning needs.

Miss B is offering an exclusive one time only WRITING WORKSHOP for your students. 

Intake will be for only ten students! Your child must be in Grade 1 or 2 to participate in this workshop. 

This program will be running for 10 weeks - every Wednesday at 10AM

Once students are back at school - sessions will change to after school on Fridays - time TBC. 

Our workshop is currently an investment of $499!

Workshop includes:

💥 Pre and post assessments (week 1 and 10)
💥 Exclusive online folder & powerpoint to monitor your child's progress
💥 Feedback and individual writing learning goal
💥 Narrative and short story writing focus for each session
💥 Slides provided for each lesson for your reference
💥 Access to Miss B through an app called Voxer throughout the course for parents who may require additional support 
💥Exclusive access to materials required 
💥Goal setting 

Writing sessions:

As our sessions will be primarily focused on narratives - we will go through the basics and unpack concepts that most students are struggling with at school. 

After the pre assessment is complete - lessons and goals will be focused to support your learners on majority of the learning needs.

Of course each child will have their own individual learning needs - this is when you will be able to access your child's individual writing goal through their exclusive online folder.  

We will cover the following -

🌿 Discovering ideas for writing
🌿 Developing ideas
🌿 Story starters
🌿 Word choice
🌿 Sentence fluency 
🌿 Drafting
🌿 Revising and editing 
🌿 Narrative structure 
and much more! 

If it sounds like your child would benefit greatly from this workshop then BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment!