In the early years children like to practise or imitate adults' writing. They draw little lines and curves all over a page. Some concentrate on this, even as early as the age of 2. They watch how their curves turn around and around and they add little lines to represent words.

What a better way to introduce letters to them than something simple and relatable! They’ve known about LINES and CURVES since they were toddlers.

Using the 13 piece lines and curves pack, your little one can begin to explore a range of early years based skills. There are so many learning and discussion opportunities. This activity is OPEN ENDED meaning there are many ways it can be used, you may find you can use it in a way that isn’t listed here.

  • Creating a person: 
    • Using different shapes for the person’s body i.e. square, triangle, circle, rectangle.
    • Discussing pre-positional language – if the person is sitting, standing, on top of something, under something etc.
    • Discussing opposites.
  • Creating capital letters:
    • Each capital letter can be made using the lines and curves. The mats are a great starting point as it teaches 1:1 correspondence and matching skills. The letters can also be made without the mats once your child is confident.
    • Discuss with your child that we are making ‘capital letters’ (calling them ‘uppercase’ can be confusing – saying ‘capital’ differentiates them from ‘lowercase’ letters).
    • Focus on the letters in their name to begin with.
    • Create a hands on sensory tub so they can search for the shape they need.
  • 2D shapes:
    • Make a range of 2D shapes.
    • Discuss how many small/big lines or small/big curves are used to create a shape.

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